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Email introductions from new artists are pretty predictable. Usually, there's some information, a promise that we won't be disappointed by the music, and some links. Lully's first email was not typical in these ways.

"Hello Pigeons," it started. "I'm thinking about you so... by way of an introduction I give to you a song, a poem, and a host of immaculate social media platforms. Don't let politics ruin your day."

Intrigued, I read the poem and listened to the song. The poem is playfully dark and related to the life of Jean-Baptiste Lully, and the song is a lively, immediate piece of electronic-leaning pop. The poem is confusing to me, but I'm in love with the song.

Lully, née Lulli,
Once sung for great Louis
The Sun King who outlived his sons

Lully, née Lulli,
A glut for sodomy
Fell out with the curly patron

To gain back his favour
He gave him a flavour
Of royal liturgical fun

Upon the 'te deum’
The retinaculum
Was struck with the maestro's baton

The song was so young
Sung only verse one
When Versailles uncomfterbly dumb’d

The gangrene untreated
Spread north through his meated
And life thereby quickly undone

Lully, dont fuss
Climb down parnassus
Come, visit this century, come

It’s anthroposceney
And Kanye Regimey
I’m sure you could light it up some--

Can you introduce yourself? Who is Lully? Where are you from? What does the name Lully mean? 

Salut! I am Lully because I have inherited the spirit of Lullys past. Like the eponymous French baroque composer who wrote for Louis IV, caused trouble at Versailles, and finally struck his foot with a conducting staff in concert so vociferously that it grew gangrenous. A keen dancer, he refused to have it amputated, the sepsis spread to his head and he bit the dust. He conducted himself to death! He wrote foot-stomping marches and pretty ballets and I draw a lot from this sense of energy and humor.

Why did you decide to release “Slow D’s” as your debut? 

The song is quite immediate. No whispering introductions. And it exhibits some of pop music’s finest tropes; a melody, a voice and a beat. The musical landscape seemed particularly hospitable… and Lully was ready.

Can you tell us a little about the song? 

It is a unilateral LOVE. A pursuit of those who give shape and substance to the shadows of art. They don’t even know you but you’d pledge them the world and all its diamonds anyway. In this golden hour, think twice about marching into the hinterland. Let them alone inside the safe-frame of your distant infatuation. Oops, sorry I've been consulting the Tarot again.

Whose vocals are on the song? It sounds like a female vocalist, and then is that a male, or just pitched down vocals by the same person?

Lully sings and Lully employs friends to sing too. The vocal melody which exhausts the song is a common Lully trait. Who needs panpipes?

All the pictures you have on social media are pretty mysterious. Are you planning on staying mostly faceless/anonymous or what was the thought behind that? 

You will see and learn more of Lully. But the pretty little mystery will never really solve.

Who or what influences you? 

If its an anomaly, I like it. If it innovates and confuses, I like it. When someone creates atonal music or splats out expressionism centuries too early I'm intrigued. They are spikes in the timeline. The perpetrators might be accused of heresy and remain uncelebrated there and then, but the future is often more respectful. Otherwise, I'm a sucker for a good hook, good humor, and the x-rated. Writing Lully lyrics is often a subconscious case of paraphrasing the history of love songs. Oh dear. Whats innovative about that?

What do you have coming up? Can we expect more of this same style on future releases? Any surprises? 

We have a video for "Slow D’s" coming soon. Lully also travelled back to 1994 recently for a peak for the climate. The fruits of that trip will be available to gorge on soon.