By Tara C. Mahadevan

Over the years, Chicago rapper Supa Bwe has proven that his creativity knows no bounds. Since he first started making music in 2007, Bwe has released 12 projects—three mixtapes and nine EPs. The latest is Dead Again 3, a 12-track opus that features appearances by Twista, UG Vavy, and Chance the Rapper.

Supa’s cut with Chance the Rapper, “Fool Wit It Freestyle” stands out from the rest, and not just because Chance is on it. Driven by a serene beat, the song showcases both Chicago rappers’ knack for wordplay, and a study in candor.

“‘I don't know if the song has one main subject, but if I had to describe it simply, it would be as a song celebrating individuality,” Supa says, “It's about the things that make you feel like you.”

Indeed, “Fool Wit It” is unique: The song is much calmer than the majority of Sup Bwe's discography. That tranquility is something that’s also reflected in the track’s animated visual—and the first video from Dead Again 3—created by Chicago-based illustrator and musician Abel Gray.

“I tried not to think too deeply into the narrative here and just focus on creating an atmosphere,” Gray says of the video. “The song is very free flowing and loosely structured and I wanted to mirror that in the visual. A peaceful, flowery meadow was where the track took me. From there, I just had to find an interesting way to have Chance and Supa move through that environment. Some of the colours and themes are kind of inspired by the old Mario games, which I don’t think the beat would sound out of place in.”

Watch the premiere of the “Fool Wit It Freestyle” video above.