We first heard WILLS, it was on the electric, challenging "Woes vs. Whoas." He's come back even stronger with "WEEPS," complete with that magnificent voice.

Dramatic vocal samples ring out over WILLS' hushed lyrics before the dam bursts at the chorus—WILLS reveals the full breadth of his voice with a bittersweet hook: "I just need two ears/That can hear me weep." The song has its moments of ecstasy, but as the title indicates, it came from a place of sadness. WILLS shared the following description about "WEEPS."

"*Weeps is a song about the dynamism of tears; ranging from silent cries to loud moans.
*Weeps is a song about crying as a shared language that transcends time/space.
*Weeps is a song about making spaces to hear quiet and codified communication."

Heavy stuff, beautiful song. WILLS is making music worth waiting for, and we'll definitely be there for the next one. Listen below: