There’s nothing better than Christmas in Jamaica. Not just because the balmy Caribbean weather beats a polar vortex every time, but because Jamaicans love Christmas with a passion.

The parties start in early December and run all the way through the top of the new year. The uptown crowd flocks to all-inclusive fetes while free street dances and stage shows featuring all the best local artists pop up all over Kingston. Metal Christmas trees appear in every yard and all the rum bars and dancehall venues are decked with twinkling red and green “pepper lights.”

Between the tourists and the millions of Jamaicans living abroad who come home all at once, the locals always joke that they hope the island doesn’t sink. But the most festive thing of all is the music. Over the years, thousands of reggae Christmas tunes have flooded the internet, but here are Murda She Wrote’s picks for the hottest this year.