• Kodie Shane

    Thanks to the huge year Lil Yachty had in 2016, he had opportunity to help introduce the masses to some more members of his Sailing Team crew. The leading lady of the pack is 18-year-old Kodie Shane. Within the last year, Kodie has shared multiple projects like 2060, Little Rocket, Zero Gravity, and Big Trouble Little Jupiter. With four projects in under a year, she's proven that she's got a strong work ethic as well as a diverse sound.

    For those who have only scratched the surface with Kodie Shane's music, it might seem like she's just pushing out easy-going tracks drenched in Auto-Tune and filled with fun lyrics. Though she does have a handful of songs that fit this description—like infectious single "Drip In My Walk"—she offers up an interesting balance with other, more laid-back songs that highlight her singing abilities. After a year of working on making a name for herself, with new attention on her and a sharp ability to be versatile, Kodie Shane is sure to be one to watch this year.