Last year, newcomer Elyar started producing his own music alongside his brother in their home bedrooms. Their bedroom studio soon grew into a bigger studio space in their backyard. After a year of working on his music at home, the London-based singer offers up an introduction to his sound as he prepares for the release of his first EP.

His debut single “Beautiful Human” reflects the evolving definition of standard pop music as Elyar sings about a blossoming connection he’s afraid he’ll ruin. “I was getting close with someone who wanted the relationship to be something more, but at that moment in time I wasn’t ready to commit to someone again,” Elyar explains. “I knew I couldn’t give her what she needed and so we saw less and less of each other until eventually we stopped talking altogether. I wrote ‘Beautiful Human’ as an explanation, more to myself than anything.”

Layering elements of pop and R&B with a bassline that borrows from both Caribbean and African rhythms, Elyar’s debut single opens him up to a world of opportunity. “Beautiful Human” takes a difficult topic about realizing your own personal flaws and allows listeners the chance to dance the pain away. “My only intention with my music is to be true and connect with others in the way my favorite artists connected with me.”  

Listen to “Beautiful Human” below.