Not too long ago we spoke with Swedish rapper Nguvo, discussing what inspires his music and what the scene is like in Sweden when it comes to hip-hop. "Boring, not enough sauce," he said when I asked him about Swedish rap. "Luckily enough we live in the future and someone invented the internet some years ago." Together with his go-to producer Ian Boom, he's looking to transcend the tag of "Swedish rapper."

His latest, "Draped in Gucci," follows that trend of almost euphoric sounding hooks and vibrant production. Sounding a little like Travis Scott on a sunny day instead of gone midnight, "Draped in Gucci" sounds absolutely huge thanks to Nguvo's hypnotic vocals and Ian Boom's skittish production. The percussion consistently switches up throughout the track, and the way the chorus opts for a more low-key approach makes this stand out in Nguvo's small, but growing discography.

Listen to the premiere of "Draped in Gucci" below.