South Central L.A. native Autumn In June has been on a bit of a hot streak in the lead up to his debut album, Magenta. With his previous single, "Starlight," he delivered his most polished pop track yet. Now with "Jupiter Six," he's got himself beat. Beginning with a minimal instrumental that slowly fills out as the song progresses and gets even more lustful, "Jupiter Six" shows just how far he's come since we first caught on to his music almost a year ago.

With every taste of Magenta, it feels as if we're learning more about Autumn In June. The self-produced "Jupiter Six" wouldn't sound all that out of place on OVO Sound Radio or even blasting from a stereo in a retro-tinged film, and that's what lends it a unique quality. This distinct mix of synth-pop and other genres makes Autumn In June an artist worth looking out for, and "Jupiter Six" is perhaps one of the best examples of this mix yet.

Listen to the premiere of the song below, and check out our interview with him below that.

What was the process of making "Jupiter Six?"

I made "Jupiter Six" using mostly a Roland Jupiter 6 synthesizer. Which is why I named it "Jupiter Six." I started with the piano chords and then everything came together in about 3 hours.

What should fans expect from Magenta?

I’d say expect the unexpected. My goal with MAGENTA was to create a palette of songs that represent all the types of sounds I am passionate about. So it's not only one specific style throughout the album it's more of a roller coaster ride. There's some slow and chill indie electronic type of songs and then there’s the more upbeat '80s synth-pop influenced type of records.

Back in the day most people were very closed minded when it came to music... if you were a hip-hop head or like a rock dude you would usually be against everything else, but nowadays everyone is more open minded when it comes to music. People will have Migos and like Mac Demarco on the same playlist and that shit’ll be fire as fuck. So I left the rigid thinking outside the box and just kinda had fun with it when producing this album.

What are your plans for 2017?

As of now the only plans I’m focused on is dope music and dope visuals. Everything else will fall in line.

Have any labels reached out?

A couple but we’re keeping it independent for now.

Where do you think you fit in with today's R&B?

I don't think I really fit in the whole R&B category to be honest. Just because that's not really what I’m focused on. I'm just trying to make good music regardless of the genre.