21-year-old Staten Island rapper Lou The Human impressed the hell out of us with dark, witty lyricism and a raw self-produced beat on his debut single "Brink" and now he's back with the follow-up: an equally deranged song called "Macklemore."

Like "Brink," this one comes with dark Isaac Aguirre-directed visuals that follow Lou as he fucks up his neighborhood. Living in the same world that the "Brink" video took place, Lou invites us further into his rebellious, twisted universe—sharing two videos this time around. He says "I'm indecisive as fuck and couldn't figure out which one was good" when I ask why he decided to drop two versions, but it feels like there's something bigger going on here. Watch for yourself above and below.

As for the song's title, he tells me, "Shout out to Macklemore. Kanye said give people their roses while they can still smell em juheard." Word. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, and look for his Humaniac EP coming very soon.