L.A.-based rapper Nate Dae previously impressed us with his inventive video for "Ain't Worried (Take 3)," proving himself to have a good eye when it comes to the visual side of his music. Now he's back with another video that goes for a different approach, providing something a little less visually bizarre and a little more intimate. Taking things back to basics, "Mood Swings" is the most immediate track he's delivered yet.

Concise and a little rough around the edges in an endearing manner, "Mood Swings" details his confused emotions in the wake of his move to California. Missing those he left behind and discussing just how these new surroundings are making him feel, "Mood Swings" is just as personal as the up-close video. It's an interesting insight into a developing artist finding himself, hinting at a lot of potential in a brief amount of time.

Watch the premiere of the video above.