Ravenna Golden has left her home in St. Louis and moved to Los Angeles and while many things have changed for her, there's one thing that remained the same.

"I was writing this song in a different state about a different boy but here I am in LA talking to new boys and the song still applies." That song is "For The Night" and the outsider pop star has decided to make it her first release since her big move to LA.

Nok From The Future produced this one and told us that he had to make some changes to the beat after seeing what Ravenna had wrote. "I ended up stripping down the production. Ravenna wrote a good song, and I didn't want anything to clutter that," he said. Nok is not alone in his thinking that Ravenna has something special with this record and after hearing the production you will realize that the mysterious producer/artist was just as impressive with his contribution.

Check out the single below.