It's not easy to come out of the gate so strong, with many finding their voice through continued creation and experimentation rather than getting it right the first time around. With Est-Her, a Toronto native who formerly had a professional ballet career before turning to music, is starting his life as a musician with a bang. With little inclination that he's still working to find his voice as an artist, "Sympathy" is one of the best debut songs we've heard.

Receiving its debut on radio in the UK by Annie Mac, Est-Her already has all the right people interested. "Sympathy" is a bold first track about labored love, promising one hell of a future for Est-Her. After pushing ballet to the side, he worked with producers at home in Toronto and in the UK, which is where he went to record his upcoming debut project. We don't know exactly what's coming next from Est-Her, but if it's as good as "Sympathy," we're in for a treat.

Listen to the online premiere of Est-Her's grandiose "Sympathy" below.