Earlier this year Norwegian artist Jimi Somewhere released a striking video for his standout track "Escape," taken from his debut EP Memoria. Now he's returned with another video, taking a considerably different approach. Unlike the cinematic, Lynchian video for "Escape," the video for "The Beach" is a live performance of the track. Stripped-back, the track shines in the performance. It also features a gorgeous vignette right near the end for Memoria track "Colors."

Speaking with Jimi over email, he explained, "Love is difficult, but it’s worth it. When it comes to the production, the original song is much more upbeat, but we wanted to strip it down for the video as the song lyrics [are] pretty melancholic and [we] wanted it to reflect that feeling."

Speaking about the approach he took for the video, which offers a new take on the song, he continued, "The video is made by a couple [of] really talented film students I know from Norway. I found the director, Martin Kopperud, on Instagram a long time ago and we been talking about doing a video for so long. He has a great eye for visuals and I’m really happy with the result. We had no budget or anything. Just a couple ideas and friends."

Watch the premiere of the video above, and listen to the studio version of "The Beach" below.