Weirdclvn have been making a name for themselves as one of the most intriguing collectives on the internet over the last year or so, gaining attention for some particularly challenging blend of hip-hop and noise music. Known for a usually austere approach with artists such as Syringe and Ghostie among others, but 17-year-old Ohio artist Jxsh opts for a decidedly different approach.

Instead of exploring the darker elements of humanity with lyrics that mirror the imagery of a David Cronenberg film, Jxsh taps into the period of life where the realities of innocence and growing up become a little more clear. Doe-eyed without becoming saccharine, his music makes for a very different example of what Weirdclvn is capable of. "Lipstick," produced by Babe and Arthrn, is the charming first taste of his new album, and its video takes the phrase "bedroom pop" to a whole new level.

Speaking about his upcoming album, Loverboy, Jxsh explained, "We've been working on it for like six months now and it's executive produced by me and my friend Arthrn." Dubbing the sound of the album as "electronic suburban pop," Jxsh looks set to deliver his finest work to date with Loverboy. Tackling love and anxiety, heartbreak and depression, Loverboy details Jxsh's experience as he enters his final year of highschool. "I wanted to make something feeling. I want to make something electrifying."

Speaking about the endearing video for the song over email, he said, "I shot it like three times and I kept trying to find someone to edit it until I just said 'fuck it and shot and edited it myself. It turned out exactly how i imagined. I just wanted to encompass the feeling of the song for me in this video.Thats why I'm dancing around in my room wearing colorful outfits, having fun."

Watch the video for the song above, and look out for Loverboy when it arrives later this year.