"My plan for 2017 is to introduce Lordskillz to the world."

After working and honing his craft for seven years, rising rapper Lordskillz is ready to make his mark in the music industry. "I'm not like these other pop-up wannabe artists who just blew up overnight. I want the people to know I'm really organic with this shit, no help and no favors. I want them to know that this is the sound that all the artists looking to for influence. I bring creativity and punchlines mixed w/ melodic vocals that actually have value," he says. "And I produce now, it's over."

Today we are here with "Nawty," a fun summer record with touches of clever lines and metaphors. This song is also the first release where Skillz is responsible for both the vocals and production. Speaking on the process, he stated, "It took me one hour to make the beat, not knowing it was going to sound this hard. I wrote the lyrics in a day and recorded the day after. In about two hours I was finished." Being able to produce your own records unlocks a whole new realm of creativity and gives you complete control of your sound so it shall be interesting to see what Skillz does with his new found ability in 2017.

Check out "Nawty" below.