This week's music recommendations feel like a visit to old friends. Kevin Abstract and Lorde have been P&P favorites for years, and despite their young age, these two have already inspired countless musicians across the world. 

In Kevin's case, that includes Jelani Aryeh, a native of San Diego and founding member of Raised By The Internet, a music collective inspired in part by Kevin and Brockhampton. His Suburban Destinesia EP and its excellent single "Where We Go" is a breath of fresh air, honest songwriting with a gritty, raw voice at the helm. 

A few miles north of Jelani, Billie Eilish is making waves in Los Angeles. The Interscope signee had a breakout hit with "Bellyache" back in February, and her don't smile at me EP dropped just last week. Like Lorde, Billie represents the best of pop music. She has an innate ability to keep thing interesting and fresh within conventional song structure, and an incredible voice to boot. 

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