Connecticut rapper Lonny X is what you could call reliable. He's been putting out consistently enjoyable bangers throughout the year, building on the progress he made in 2016 with considerable flourish. With the release of tracks like "Drama" and "Who U," he's found a golden style that works wonders for his approach. Atop minimal but hard-hitting beats, he delivers simple but memorable lyrics complete with hypnotic flows.

Even though his latest video is of a previously released track, we're more than happy to give it another moment to shine. "Oh My" is one of his catchiest songs so far, and complete with its Caleb Edens and self-directed video, he really gets across the surreal energy of the track in visual form. The Genshin-produced track is just further proof that Lonny deserves to get a lot more love.

Watch the premiere of the video for "Oh My" above.