Late last year, NYC-based musician Quiet Luke released a captivating debut EP that showed off his impressive songwriting talents. Self-produced and full of lyrics worth diving deeper into, Beholden really made for a bold introduction. Now he's returning with his second song of the year, and he's taking something of a different approach. Rather than strained and dark, "I Wanna Go" is bouncy and joyous.

Taken from his forthcoming EP Your Happy Place, which is coming soon, "I Wanna Go" sees Quiet Luke expanding upon the aural pallette of Beholden. Speaking about the song, he explained, "It's a pop song that relishes in the exhilarating yet terrifying butterfly-feeling of living in a world where nothing is real." Capturing that between of fear and excitement perfectly, "I Wanna Go" has us eagerly anticipating Your Happy Place.

Listen to "I Wanna Go" below, and make sure to catch his show in Brooklyn tomorrow (October 13).