Since Smino's blkswn dropped earlier this year, the full scope of his crew's talents are coming into focus. We've been well aware of Monte Booker's skills as a producer and Ravyn Lenae's incredible voice, but the latest Zero Fatigue member to claim the spotlight is Bari. His MSTRGLSS project is coming soon, and "Protein" is the lead single.

Booker and Bari have worked together plenty of times by now, but the beat for "Protein" was actually made before they met. "We had made 'Panama' and really was chillin," Bari says. "He was jus' going through beats and hit play on that—I️ went crazy as soon as I️ heard it. To be honest Monte's beats make me feel like an astronaut or spy or some shit, just like I’m out-of-body, invincible, like I’m gonna do everything I said I was."

Bari's sounding especially otherworldly on this one—Booker lays down a foundation of harps and clipped drums, and Bari unwinds a breathy, impassioned origin story. Like other members of Zero Fatigue, Bari's in possession of a distinctive drawl and some incredible storytelling skills. We've been rocking with him since last year's "Jetpakk," but he sounds ready for the next level on "Protein."

"The vibe of the song is my zone, where only I️ float and reign over," Bari says. "That’s where my sound is at, that’s the vibe of MSTRGLSS. I️ feel like this project is significant because of the range, but more importantly because of me. It’s going to be known as the debut project for someone who changed the landscape and strived to be the greatest."

Listen to "Protein" below, and keep your eyes open for MSTRGLSS.