Haze Mahdi was born in Far Rockaway, NY but has lived in many different parts of multiple states before moving to Staten Island later in my teens. He built himself a rap following by traveling city to city and going bar for bar with the best spitters around. Over time he developed into a solidified artist and now he's kicking things into his gear with his single "Certified."

Speaking on the record, Haze stated, "The day I heard the beat I knew this was the joint I wanted to lead the year off with. So i clipped the Certified beat from the other snippets & kept it looping until I had I a hook. The next week I was in the Studio laying it down & it all came natural. I figure if I fail I want it all to be on me, & if I succeed, same shit. I decided to do it all independent & bet on myself, no nepotism, no manager, no investors, no labels secretly behind me. All off the muscle."

Check out the video at the top of the page.