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The rise of Cozz was inevitable from the beginning. There’s just no denying a song like “Dreams.” But while so many other up-and-coming rappers make a viral hit and forever try to match it, Cozz is already showing a rare quality for a new rapper: consistency. His debut album Cozz & Effect isn’t full of party anthems and goofy of-the-moment hits. It’s more than that—it’s the perspective of a young artist from Los Angeles, and it’s a look into the life of a rapper who we’re confident will be relevant for many years to come.

While the Dreamville rapper was in NYC, we spent some time with him to find out how he got into music, hear the story of how J. Cole signed him, and watch him spit a verse. Check it out above.

Cozz will be performing at Santos Party House on November 18. Buy tickets here.