• A2

    "3 a.m. real life shit." That's how A2 describes his sound on the 11-track BLUE, and it's accurate. The production is dark and often ominous, and the subject matter feels honest, ranging from late night ruminations on women to plotting a path to greatness. Producing the project himself, rapping, and dropping melodic flows too, A2 has a clear vision, and he's executing it successfully.

    "When it comes to the music it has to be a reflection of me and I’m not all bright and vibrant and loud, I’m pretty reserved and quiet," A2 says. "It’s moody, everything I do is moody, the sounds are moody, the energy is moody. I wanted to be honest and truthful, when everyone pretending they’re a superhero, I didn’t want to be fabricating anything.” 

    Sit back, zone out, and listen to A2.