• Kojey Radical

    A hit song or viral moment is one thing, but creating impactful, lasting pieces of art is much more difficult. That's the kind of challenge Kojey Radical takes on, and overcomes, with his music. Kojey is a multi-dsiciplinary creative with a background in visual art, and that much is clear in his vivid videos and cover art. His sound is a mix of rap and spoken word, delivered in a striking, powerful baritone, often confronting thorny socio-political issues as well as themes of identity, religion, and self-belief.

    On In Gods Body, his most recent project, the collaborators reflect the scale and ambition of the project, from singers like Shola Ama and Collard to fellow boundary pusher Obongjayar and legendary MC Ghetts. Kojey Radical has a lot to say, and the confidence to say what he means. It's a powerful combination.