• Mist

    Mist's new EP Diamond In The Dirt is out February 9, and it will start off what should be his biggest year yet. The Birmingham rapper has already built up a dedicated following with honest, thoughtful bars that reflect on his life in the streets but strive to make his situation better through music for himself, his crew, and his daughter. The death of Mist's mother comes up often, as does his time in jail, on reflective tracks like "Madness" and M I S to the T EP tracks "Karlas Back" and "Smokey." 

    Mist's music videos are always impressive, and last year he told us, "I feel visuals are the realest way of putting my music to my fans. I give them the tracks and then follow up with a movie-like visual, which should always take them on a journey. My videos show me accomplishing goals I always wanted to achieve as a kid so they are seeing my life goals via my music."​ With producer Steel Banglez proving a perfect collaborator, Mist is building an impresive catalog.