• Not3s

    In 2016, London artist Not3s released a song called "Addison Lee (Peng Ting Called Maddison)." It's a melodic track about paying for a girl to come over (using London cab service Addison Lee) with a gentle half-sung delivery, and over the course of 2017 it went viral. The young artist released a full project called Take Not3s towards the end of 2017, and it proved that "Addison Lee" was no one off with subsequent hits like "Aladdin" and "My Lover."

    Not3s seems to write sticky hooks with ease, and his low-key delivery means you might not even realize his songs are stuck in your head until a few days later. His style sits somewhere between pop, R&B, rap, and Afrobeats—a mix some in the UK are calling Afro-swing—but whatever it's called, it's working. With undeniable pop appeal, 2018 might be the year when Not3s really breaks out worldwide.