• Skengdo & AM

    The growth of UK drill has been driven by one-off YouTube music videos and freestyles, but making an entire project that doesn't lose energy or get repetitious is a different challenge altogether. Skengdo and AM, members of South London group 410, cracked the code with 2Bunny, an unforgiving ten track project that dropped in December.

    The entire project is produced by veteran dup D Profitt, whose ominous melodic flourishes complement the booming drums and provide a perfect backdrop for the two MCs to deliver their raw bars. Their contrasting voices—Skengdo's higher pitched with quicker flows, AM's a deep, imposing snarl—provide an interesting contrast, and although the subject matter centers on drugs and violence, there are moments of emotion too. "Active but inside I'm very lonely," balaclava wearing AM raps on standout track "Macaroni." With a huge number of artists making drill in the UK right now, Skengdo & AM is one duo that have to be be on your radar.