The first Euro Session went down so well that we’re gonna make it a bi-weekly thing. I try to keep up with as much music as I can, but as an ignorant American, I miss out on some of the stuff that’s building up buzz overseas. So for these posts I picked up Mark from London to fill us in. He’s got great taste in music and says stuff like “flatmate”, so you know he’s legit. I haven’t listened to these yet, so I’m excited to get into Volume 2. Andddd here’s Mark:

So after a host of technical difficulties (my flatmate not paying the Internet bill on time!) here’s the Euro Session Vol. 2, only slightly later than planned!

Chase & Status feat. Tempa T – Hypest Hype

There’s not a lot I can say to introduce this song that will prepare you for the aural assault that will follow after you press play. Undoubtedly one of the biggest underground tracks of the year in the UK, Chase & Status always come with thumping production but this is on another level, mashing together Rock, Grime, D&B & Dubstep with vocals provided frequent collaborator Tempa T, this record is one of a few recent releases by the duo who have steadily built an impressive track record both underground and mainstream (they produced a track on the last Rihanna album). For years people have unsuccessfully tried to blame acts of violence on playing too much GTA or listening to too much Marilyn Manson, if next time they blamed it solely on this song they may well have a case!

DOWNLOAD: Chase & Status feat. Tempa T – Hypest Hype


Katy B – Katy On A Mission

Whether Brit School graduate Katy B is going to have any lasting or success or is simply the face of a handful of club hits remains to be seen. So far at least she has been the perfect guise with which to take Dubstep to the masses experiencing success with this her debut single ‘Katy On A Mission’ (produced by Benga) as well as her collaboration with Magnetic Man (‘Perfect Stranger’). With her next single, a collaboration with the recently resurfaced Ms. Dynamite set for a release next month the early signs are that she’s definitely one to watch for 2011.

DOWNLOAD: Katy B – Katy On A Mission


Crystal Fighters – Champion Sound

On the surface Crystal fighters are just another indie band hailing from London, but one listen to their new record ‘Star Of Love’ and it’s obvious the Basque heritage of certain members of the group defines their sound just as much as their current location. ‘Champion Sound’ shows the band’s mix of UK urban rhythms and Balearic melodies at it’s most potent and the result is a blissed out late night anthem. I would definitely recommend checking out the album if you’re feeling this one!

DOWNLOAD: Crystal Fighters – Champion Sound


Jamie Woon – Night Air

This 25 year-old singer/songwriter from London has seen the buzz around him go into overdrive with this latest release, co-produced by Burial (and if you like this and haven’t heard of Burial I strongly suggest you seek him out) it mixes his timeless sounding soul style vocal with haunting electronic production. The result? In my opinion, one of the songs of 2010!

DOWNLOAD: Jamie Woon – Night Air


James Blake – Limit To Your Love

Originally performed by Feist, this stunning cover of ‘Limit To Your Love’ by London producer/singer/songwriter extraodinaire James Blake strips back the original track to it’s most basic elements and along with some clever production turns the optimistic Motown style of the original into something altogether much darker and brooding. Having previously received huge critical acclaim for his earlier predominately instrumental Dubstep influenced work this track showcases Blake’s voice and see’s him start to showcase his talent as a performer ahead of the 2011 release of his debut album. The video is pretty cool as well check it out: