For the past few days, a Thanksgiving post has been on my mind (really, 90% of what I think about is blogging and most everything else goes way over my head). I thought about doing a really corny post – you know, thanks to my family, thanks to my friends, thanks to the people that support, teach, inspire, and help others to grow. Hopefully we’re all thinking about that kind of stuff anyway and if you need to go to a music blog to get that kind of stuff in your head, you might be a lost cause.

My next idea involved thanking all the people that support Pigeons and Planes. The readers, the people who leave comments, the social networking brutes who spread the word, the other bloggers that have provided endless support and comradery, and the people who do behind the scenes tech stuff that I may never understand. This seemed kind of self-centered. Just thanking the people that helped me do what I want with my fucking blogarama? Eh, that didn’t feel like the spirit.

Next up, I thought I should just thank Kanye West. Seriously. Kanye’s made some major moves this year and I’ve got a lot to say about him. I think his presence is good for music and good for hip-hop, so uh, thanks to Kanye? Seeing as he just got a perfect review in XXL, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and others, I didn’t see my little P&P post thanking Kanye West as necessary, and we all know that Kanye’s ego will probably be just fine without my praise.

That’s when I came to this idea. Pigeons and Planes is only possible because of the music, and one of the things that P&P really strives to represent is the up and comers. Yeah, I know we post a lot of mainstream stuff too, but I’ve made a point of always trying to keep things open to the starving artists trying to make an impact. Hopefully, that’s one of the things that sets P&P apart from a lot of blogs/sites. You can come here to grab some new tunes that will be playing on the radio next month, but you can also discover new music, and any music lover knows how cool that is when you randomly give a listen to some artist you’ve never heard and the shit makes you smile. I don’t want to ever lose that.

So this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the pigeons. The pigeons that live in overcrowded cities not made for them, full of people who parade past them without a second thought. The pigeons that get shooed away and kicked to the side. Pigeons that gotta eat pizza crust every night (Shout out to Cannibal Ox). If you don’t get what I’m talking about, read the “About” page.

I can’t possibly post everything I get from every artist, but I want to support as much as I can and what better time to show appreciation to a bunch of people following their dreams and passions than Thanksgiving? Right? Right. So I put out an open call on Twitter and said everyone that submitted a song between Wednesday morning and Wednesday night using the #ThanksgivingPigeon hash tag would get included in this post. So here it is. Hit the jump and give some Pigeons and listen. Thanks to all the artists, and happy Thanksgiving!

Pigeons and Planes.

Little Tybee – Nero

Alcoholic Faith Mission – Closer To Dallas

Maniac by Kontemplate

Ke$ha – Sleazy (Riched Powda Remix)

Lisztomania MSRHMCHSBRGRS Remix by josevillaman

Listen Baby by jakebroido

DOWNLOAD: The Height – If

DOWNLOAD: Redeckulous – Rollin’

DOWNLOAD: PlayRadioPlay! – Madi Don’t Leave

DOWNLOAD: Teenage Mutant Ninja Terrorists – Handlaz

DOWNLOAD: Kid Presentable – Apathy