Something weird just happened, and I want to share and see if anyone knows anything about it.

So I just got home from Trader Joe’s, was snacking on this mango, and I got a tweet from @SpcPck recommending an artist to check out. I head over to the Bandcamp page (deleted after this post) of the artist and start playing some of the music in the background while I inhaled this mango and watched Nat Geo (multitasking). It sounded really great, and I was already getting excited to post. Then it started sounding familiar. I turned off the TV and pushed the mango aside so I could focus my attention. This music, posted on the Bandcamp of “(NAME REMOVED)”, is actually Childish Gambino.

I’m still pretty new to Childish Gambino (who is Donald Glover, the actor from Community/writer for 30 Rock), and I’m loving his music. I was expecting some joke rap that was a mix between music and comedy, but what I got was honesty and talent. The dude can rap, the beats are wild, and he really opens up in his music way beyond the typical rapper. It’s good stuff. I have no idea who this NAME REMOVED  is, and it’s hard to really find any information on him. My first thought was that somebody is jacking Donald’s music and trying to pass it off as their own, trying to get some attention. If that was the case, I think I’d be able to find more on this NAME REMOVED dude. He doesn’t even seem to have social networking pages or anything. It just doesn’t make sense.

The other theory? Listen to Childish Gambino’s song “The Last“. He says:

People tell me I should spit under Donald Glover
But I try to keep my real name undercover
Cause if you hear my name, then you think it’s jokes

It’s true, and it’s exactly what my first thought was. Could this Jerrell St. Vincent be another way for Donald to get his music out without his name attached to it? Hmmmm…. I honestly don’t know. What do you guys think? If anyone does some investigative work on this, let me know what you find.

Update (thanks to iLLVibes): There’s a blog called NAME REMOVED, with a NAME REMOVED posting. Pigeons and Planes is on their blogroll. What the hell is going on? Maybe this is someone just jacking CG’s music.

Double Update (thanks to ItsIvanIbarra): NAME REMOVED got taken down. I guess we may never know. I tried to contact Donald about it, but haven’t heard back.

Triple Update (thanks to Donald Glover): It wasn’t Donald. Another theory down the drain. I’m done investigating. If whoever made that page wants to explain, hit me up. Not trying to put anyone on blast or anything. I’d be happy to remove names from this post or whatever.

I guess I should stick to music blogging. Check out Childish Gambino. Shit, if Drake can transition from child actor on Degrassi to what he is today, Donald can surely overcome his own history of fame and comedy. You can get his Culdesac album here.

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