Happy Thanksgiving everyone. From the bottoms of our soulless blogger cores, we hope that you enjoy the holiday. Like everyone else, we are thankful for stuff like health, family, friends, and things of this nature. But there are a few others.

Hit the jump to see what we’re thankful for…

– Drake made Take Care instead of an R&B album.

– Waka Flocka is still alive (there was always a slight fear that he might die in 2011, for some reason).

– It’s becoming more acceptable to show feelings in hip-hop.

– Independent artists can still be successful (you may not be a Mac Miller fan, but being indie and having the #1 album is impressive).

– We still have a Shoutbox, and that despite all the spam, sometimes there are really interesting conversations in there.

– The value of offering free music is being realized.

– We are not losing a substantial amount of readers due to Confusion’s creepy Lykke Li posts.

– The Pigeons & Planes redesign on the way.

Watch The Throne lived up to the massive amount of hype.

– Plies is no longer all over the radio.

– R&B is finding a new sound (shoutout to Frank Ocean & The Weeknd)

– T.I.’s (still) out of jail.

– Lindsay Lohan is out of jail. And alive.

– Late-night TV shows still have good live performances.

Detox didn’t come out this year (because Monster had 2012 picked as the release year in his office pool).

– Nicki Minaj’s ass exists.

– Steve Jobs gave us the iPod (RIP)

– Even after listening to music non-stop for every single day of our lives, it never gets less amazing, and we can still press play and get that excited feeling in the pits of our stomachs when we discover music that we love.

– We can share that music on Pigeons & Planes.

Also, Thank you Based God. Happy Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for?