Happy holidays, yo. P&P up.

Dance Music Post 11 (.zip)

I kinda hate that this song exists. But it does, and it’s Christmas, so I’m giving it to you.

No Body – “Jingle  Bells”

The return of Miike Snow was an announcement that made a lot of ripples across the music world. People really love those Swedes, and the brutally catchy piano of “Devil’s Work” was enough to have everybody clamoring for the new album from the synth-loving indie band. Alex Metric is a pretty meticulous producer, and lends his talents to making the track even more dancefloor friendly. You’ve got to wait until the three minute mark to get to a buildup/drop combo, but when songs are this good it’s not really waiting, right?

Miike Snow – “Devil’s Work (Alex Metric Remix)”

Sometimes I think the world would be a better place if we only listened to nu-disco. I have no idea who PWNDTIAC is. They have a dumb name. I don’t understand the obsession with creating variations on car manufacturers for electronic monikers. But their edit of Holy Ghost? It’s great, and doing more than its part to contribute to world peace, one nu-disco track at a time.

Holy Ghost! – “I Wanted To Tell Her (PWNDTIAC Edit)”

Felguk is a duo out of Brazil crafting some seriously heavy electro. Once this track drops, it doesn’t have much distinguishing itself from the formulaic electro track – it’s a lot of fun but not much new, another weapon in the arsenal if you’re trying to keep a dance party going. However, there’s some genuine beauty in the bridges and buildups here. These guys know their way around synths, and it turns into some really great stuff.

Felguk – “Nudge”

Last poppy electro track on this DMP – Sorry for going too long/not enough, depending on your preferences. This is another producer that does that thing where they flip a car manufacturer’s name. Does anyone know why this is a trend? Anyway, Mord Fustang is, like Felguk, a really talented synthsmith, creating really beautiful tracks out of the traditional electro format and bringing a nearly improvisational feel to a genre that’s really just there to make people jump around and have a good time. It’s cool stuff.

Mord Fustang – “We Are Now Connected”

On the grimier side of things we’ve got an uptempo garage track by way of an American collaboration. Dev79 & Thrills come up with some choppy bass-work and even choppier vocal sampling off of their debut EP in a banger meant for the more obscure dancefloors.

Dev79 & Thrills – “Between Your Legs”

Brenmar makes cool shit. Like Kingdom, he’s got a deep-seated appreciation for R&B, which comes out here in this remix of New Edition, aka the original boy band. His version comes through with some seriously off-kilter and head nod inducing percussion and the catchiest of synth hooks.

New Edition – “A Little Bit of Love (Brenmar Remix)”

Following up the trend of pseudo-classics getting reworked by really talented people in bass music, we have the Brackles rework of Serani’s “No Games.” I think this is my favorite track on this DMP, a really great update that I can’t wait to spin next time I DJ.

Serani – “No Games (Brackles Remix)”

A-Trak is the big name draw here, but this collaboration definitely takes more of a Zinc-led direction on this track. I’ve got a feeling that this track should get huge – the potential this has for being played out at loud, loud volumes is exciting. No DL on this one – but check the stream and buy it HERE!

A-Trak & Zinc – “Stingray”

PNAU is a name that I think was getting thrown around when I was just getting into electronic music, and never really checked into. Regardless, they’re back (or back in the corner of the interwebs I inhabit) and producing some really cool stuff. This Wookie remix of their track “Unite Us” is a UK bass rework that goes really, really hard.

PNAU – “Unite Us (Wookie Remix)”

House music, as a genre, is sprawling and hard to get a grasp on if you’re a beginner. However, a good choice of an upcoming producer  in the genre to latch onto is Urulu. This is his second posting on a DMP and he’s one of the artists I always keep an eye out for new stuff – very talented. He just let loose an EP of untitled, slightly more laid-back deep house that is without a doubt worth checking out on his Soundcloud. My favorite of the EP below:

Untitled 03 by Urulu