When Pigeons & Planes started, there were no comments on any posts. It was a sad, lonely place. Slowly but surely, people started leaving their thoughts. Many of those thoughts were idiotic, careless, and full of contempt, but it was a start. Over the years, the comments section has opened up. Many of you are still very hateful, but we’ll take what we can get. It’s always good to hear from the readers and start some conversation in the comments section, so keep sharing those thoughts even if those thoughts are, “This was a stupid idea for a post. I hate you.” We hate you too.

Here are the 2011 posts at P&P that had people talking.

Post: Reaction: Pitchfork Gives Childish Gambino Album A 1.6 Out Of 10

Comments: 77

Why It Had People Talking: The raw, unedited reactions of the founder of P&P and its contributors, the absurdity and controversial nature of Pitchfork’s rating, and the cult-like Gambino following.

Best Comment: Carlos – “Obviusly that review is just because Donald is banging Ian Cohen’s mother.”

Post: P&P Got A Redesign! Check Us Out.

Comments: 37

Why It Had People Talking: The site is beautiful now. Inside and out.

Best Comment: PancakeMcKennz – “Just like in the movies, P&P is so beautiful after the makeover, but the beauty was always inside this shy and awkward and geeky girl.”

Post: Top 50 Candidates for XXL’s 2012 Freshman Issue

Comments: 47

Why It Had People Talking: We’ve all got an opinion on this kind of stuff.

Best Comment: PN – “dude, i voted for earl sweatshirt too. but…he hasn’t released anything all year and i feel guilty for not voting for someone else. is he coming back? did i miss something? is everything going to be ok?”

Post: We Made The Most Annoying Song In The World

Comments: 30

Why It Had People Talking: Everyone’s a masochist.

Best Comment: Erik – “Where’s the mp3 of the new Skrillex song? Isn’t that what this is about? No?”

Post: My Top 10 Favorite Songs (From Kayla, A 10-Year-Old Girl)

Comments: 28 comments

Why It Had People Talking: The refreshing perspective from an innocent set of ears.

Best Comment: Kayla and her “bff,” Nicole, exchanging comments:
Nicole – “Hi, its np im kaylas bff and u rock jacob 4 letting her have her own blog shot out 2 u 2 kayla love ur playlist thing. love ya k, Np”
Kayla – “Jacob nicole is the one that wants too do the [Super Bass] video but she wants to wear a pink wig like in the music video and thx nikki”
Nicole – “kayla we should totally do the video in pink wigs nicki would want us to”

Post: Rise of the Hip-Hop Oddball

Comments: 27

Why It Had People Talking: The new guys in the game are for more.

Best Comment: RichSP – “Interesting read. My take on this is that the internet is working to transform the borders of music, culture, entertainment, communication, etc. in ways that weren’t anticipated. Sure, we knew that the computer and the internet would allow us to have access to every range of music, but did we anticipate the the same technology creating a mutant child of culture and music? That’s what I relate artists such Lil B, Odd Future, and Kreayshawn to. They’re simply byproducts of this culture-music hybrid and the need for this social phenomenon to invest in itself. Odd Future, for example, are more cultural icons (imo) than anything (fuck everything attitude, revitalizing the Supreme brand/pushing hipster gear to the mainstream, the “anti-establishment” choice), yet they make music. The gray space between the two segments has become a segment all its own.”

Post: The 28 Best Lykke Li Pictures

Comments: 17

Why It Had People Talking: All you weirdos caught the Lykke Li fever from Con.

Best Comment: Man on the Moon – “I still can never tell exactly how serious you are when you do Lykke posts… I assume that’s the point though haha”

Post: Pigeons and Tumblrs

Comments: 25

Why It Had People Talking: This stuff was too weird to believe.

Best Comment: Mic – “I wonder what pigeon egg omlettes taste like”

Post: When Hip-Hop Meets Electronic: 10 Collaborations We Would Like To See

Comments: 28

Why It Had People Talking: We’ve all played out these kinds of dream collabos out in our heads.

Best Comment: Eric – “The world would be a better place if all of these actually happened.”

Post: Mac Miller – “Donald Trump”

Comments: 42

Why It Had People Talking: Mac Miller fans go hard on the internet. Mac Miller haters go equally hard.

Best Comment: Drunk Rabbit – “His Piano playing far exceeds his rapping. I will say he is better than Sam Adams, but Sam Adams is turrrrrible”

Post: The Next Step – “The Complex Post”

Comments: 82

Why It Had People Talking: The little blog that could takes a big step. Everyone loves the underdog, yeah?

Best Comment: antoine – “From a random blogspot to this, what a success story. Write a book.”