We’re going to try this out as a permanent feature for the benefit of all those who do not have the luxury of time to lurk P&P day in, day out, 24/7 (though that’s the recommended method of consumption). From the big features to the little things you might have missed, here are some of the week’s must-see P&P posts.

Kanye’s Awesome Rant

While you were busy tweeting about what you were eating or how much you hate waiting in lines, Kanye’s timeline was a masterplan to change the world.

Eliza Doolittle’s Sexy Cover Of The Weeknd’s “The Morning”

Within just a couple of days, this has become one of the most watched videos around the P&P offices.

Dance Music Post. 13

Back at it again with Dance Music Post. 13, just in time for the weekend (and I guess, now, for your week – weekday parties, woop). Some dance music for you hooligans.

Pitchfork Readers Vote Childish Gambino’s Camp The Most Underrated Album Of 2011

All things considered, this is pretty funny.

What We Wish For Music In 2012

We decided to start the year off with some resolutions that the world of music will hopefully take up. I’d say that most of the stuff that we wished for music in the year 2012 isn’t too farfetched.

Tidus’ “Gone Face” Video

This newcomer is one of the guys we’ve been looking out for, and now we see get a glimpse into what he’s all about with his new vid.

Youth Lagoon’s “July” Video

This starts off looking like a nostalgic vintage indie movie. Then things get weird.

Artists We Want To See Blow Up In 2012

While featuring popular artists is always nice, the lesser-known gems are always the best. Here are some artists who we want to see blow up in 2012.

Our Interview With Grieves

We got the opportunity to interview the Rhymesayers resident. The result? Well, let’s just say Grieves’ answer to “Pigeons or Planes?” is interesting.

Bloc Party Reunites, Plans New Album For 2012

After uncertainty during the last year as to whether they were even a band anymore, the Brits reveal that they are back together and will be working on a new album to be released in 2012.

Jhameel’s “Shut Up” Video

P&P and Jhameel have some big plans in the near future, so get familiar—he’s an incredibly talented dude