I don’t even know what you want me to say here anymore. Dance Music Post! Friday! Elecdiscostep! Enjoy!

And check out Ed Sheeran’s favorite dance moves, all are applicable to the songs in this collection.

Dance Music Post. 19

News just in, fresh of the press, and hot of the streets (or something like that) is this Skreamix of Rusko’s most recent single “Somebody To Love”. The big boss badaman that is Ollie Jones (aka Skream) twists and bends the original in ways it probably shouldn’t go, nearly, but never quite breaking it. Expect bass, bass and more bass.

Rusko – “Somebody To Love (Skream Remix)”

Brenmar is totally killing everything he touches at the moment, and one of his specialties is taking R&B jams, dragging them kicking and screaming into a dark club and sexy dancing with them. For Valentine’s Day, he remixed “Baby” in his own inimitable style, and the result is pure Brenmar and pure fiyar.

Before Dark – “Baby (Brenmar Remix)”

Popeska is a 19 year old Atlanta native who already has 79 tracks uploaded on his Soundcloud, the majority of which are bangers. The guys got everything from ambient chillout to electro to dubstep to moombahton, all well produced and fizzing with ideas and creativity. A lot of his more recent productions lean towards the heavier side of things but “Elecktricks Theme” manages to ally a big drop with some great melodies, rather reminiscent of Rusko circa his 2010 album O.M.G.!. This guy is one to watch out for fo’ sho!

Popeska – “Electrick’s Dream”

The evolution of moombahton has seems to have really peaked creatively. I’m not sure where its ceiling really was, but as of this point no one making it seems to be trying to make it more than electro at a slowed down tempo. That being said, 110bpm is the optimum speed for grinding (fact. just listen to this track and think about that.) so it’s still a very valuable party weapon. Dillon Francis brings his usual melodic talents and youthful exuberance to this track and enlists Kill The Noise for his synth work. Off of Dillon’s latest EP which is available now on OWSLA.

And as a bonus for you Dillon Francis lovers, the man himself also gave away this re-work of I.D.G.A.F.O.S. – there isn’t a drastic change from the original, but it’s free so lets not complain.

Dillon Francis – “I.D.G.A.F.O.S. 2.0”

Mad Decent stalwarts Sclachthofbronx may have a stupid name, but they redeem themselves by giving away tracks like this. “Slowine” is a swaying, hulking monster of vibrating low-end, with a generally menacing air that threatens to explode out of your speakers and batter you to death. In a good way. This release is from the Bavarian duo’s forthcoming full-length Dirty Dancing (released March 30th), guaranteed to be full of world-influenced dance music and party-rocking bass.

Sclachthofbronx – “Slowine”

Tommy Trash seems to be a bit of a DMP favorite, and this time out he’s putting himself in direct competition with Wookie, who we’ve previously featured on a remix of this very song. Whilst Wookie took his remix in a forward thinking UK bass direction, Mr Trash goes wildstyle electro on y’all asses and the results are typical large.

This is a bit of a cheat I guess, as we’ve actually already posted rapper Deniro Farrar going in over the top of this remix of “Visions”, but the instrumental is such an atmospheric, anthemic piece of work that it really needs hearing on its own. There  are definitely hints of Araabmuzik in the snare patterns, and the Lil Wayne sample is masterful. This one comes with a big seal of approval.

Grimes – “Genesis (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)”

We got the sampler earlier this week, but Diplo’s Express Yourself EP is out an available for free download via Mad Decent’s Jeffree imprint. The New Orleans bounce influenced sound is a new one for Diplo, but new sounds aren’t really new for him.

Finally, a remix of what has to be the catchiest piano line in indie music right now. I’m sure Miike Snow’s “Paddling Out” is going to be reworked over and over again, so brace yourself. However, it is really hard to mess up that one riff, so I’m not entirely sure it’s a bad thing? Check back in with me once I’m inundated by edits, I’ll probably hate it but for now it’s nowhere near overstaying its welcome.