Ed Sheeran by Dan Curwin

English singer/sometimes rapper Ed Sheeran is on his way to the top. The pop appeal is there, the English accent is there, and the collaborative album with Yelawolf just dropped. He’s already big in the UK, as indicated by his over 1.3 million Twitter followers, and we have a feeling that America is going to take a liking to this kid as well. Complex just covered the basics about who Ed Sheeran is, so we decided to cut right to the interesting stuff: celebrity crushes, favorite dinosaurs, best pick-up lines, hangover cures, etc. We also asked if he’s ever gotten his cat drunk. This is important stuff.

Top 5 Favorite Rappers

1. That’s quite difficult. Eminem
2. Jay Z
3. Big Pun
4. Wretch 32
5. Devlin

Top 5 Favorite Instruments

1. Guitar
2. Double Bass
3. Piano
4. Drums
5. I think the Sitar sounds quite cool. So the sitar.

Top 5 Names to Call People When You’re Mad At Them

1. Pwunt, which is p-w-u-n-t. That’s quite a good one.
2. Douchebag
3. Pleb
4. [Takes a minute and goes into deep thought mode. Laughs.] Rusty Cumbucket
5. Chublar

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Mila Kunis

Top 5 Celebrity Crushes

1. Mila Kunis
2. Emma Stone, she’s alright
3. Rihanna
4. Who’s that model that’s married to Leonardo DiCaprio?

P&P: Oh, I don’t know her name, but that one, the one that’s dating Leonardo DiCaprio? I don’t know her name, but I can look it up.

Ed: Yeah, that one, she’s cool.

[Note: We tried to look it up, but apparently Leonardo DiCaprio has dated a lot of models. Most recently it was Bar Refaeli.]

5. Petra Nemcova

Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Songs

1. “Every Time” by Britney Spears, I think is a very good song.
2. “We Found Love” by Rihanna
3. “New York Minute, I don’t know who sings that one. [Sings the chorus.] You know that one? That one.
4. “Good Feeling” by Flo Rida
5. “Cry Me A River” by Justin Timberlake

Top 5 Songs Right Now

1. In America or in England? It’s probably better to choose America. I really like that “I’m On One” tune by DJ Khaled with Drake and Lil Wayne and them
2. Bon Iver’s “Holocene,” really like that tune.
3. Adele, “Rumor Has It”
4. Again, that “Good Feeling” tune by Flo Rida. That is a really guilty pleasure but I think it’s really great.
5. Yelawolf, “Let’s Roll”

Ed Sheeran Yelawolf

Top 5 Favorite Things About Yelawolf

1. His flow, I love that
2. His lyricism
3. His artistic integrity
4. The fact he’s doing it all in one take, I think is great.
5. His accent

Top 5 Dance Moves

1. Feed The Pigeons
2. Shoot Them Down, that’s the second part to the last one, but that’s kind of two in one go.
3. Stacking The Shelves, that’s a good dance move. That’s where you pretend that you’re stacking shelves in a supermarket.
4. The Crip Walk, but not the good one. So you’re just kind of move your feet about, but that’s alright.
5. Fist pump, where you just pump your fist in the air.

Top 5 Favorite Cities to go to on Tour

1. London
2. Paris
3. New York
4. Manchester
5. Brighton

Top 5 Favorite Things To Put on A Sandwich

1. Cucumber
2. Mustard
3. Any sort of meat
4. Some sort of cress sort of thing
5. Cheese

Ed Sheeran

Top 5 Pick Up Lines

1. “You alright?” One.
2. “Hi, I’m Ed. It’s nice to meet you.” Another one.
3. “Would you like a glass of orange juice?” Another one.
4. “I’m living on a boat at the moment, can I stay at your house?” That’s a pretty common one.
5. “No, I’m not Rupert Grint.”

Top 5 Websites

1. That’s a simple one. Youtube
2. Twitter
3. Facebook
4. Google
5. What’s another good website?… Pigeons and Planes dot com! Yeah.

Top 5 Favorite Dinosaurs

1. Stegosaurus
2. Velociraptor
3. T-Rex
4. Brontiosaurus
5. The weird thing that swims with the really long neck and weird teeth. I don’t even know what it’s called but it lives in the sea.

Ed Sheeran

Top 5 Alcoholic Drinks

1. Adnam’s Broadside, which is an English liquor.
2. Kronenberg
3. Budweiser
4. There’s a cocktail called a Porn Star in England that’s got like guava and passion fruit and orange juice and shit, it’s quite good.
5. [Couldn’t understand this one. It started with a “V,” but was not vodka.]

Top 5 Ways To Cure a Hangover

1. Coke
2. Lots of water
3. There’s a restaurant in England called Nando’s that’s really good to cure a hangover.
4. Family Guy or South Park
5. Really soft pillows

Ed Sheeran

After seeing your video for “Drunk,” we have to ask: have you ever actually tried to get your cat drunk?
Did I ever get my cat drunk. No… I’m… I can’t even say I’m going to try it, I’d have the animal cruelty people after me. I had a friend that got their dog drunk once. Not a good look. It just got sleepy then woke up a couple hours later.

That’s all my questions, thanks a lot.
That was probably the most entertaining interview I’ve done in a year, so thank you for that.