Meg Myers is only at the beginning of a promising career, but you wouldn’t know it by her fans’ reactions. When she posts a new song on Facebook, she gets people commenting “first!” When she shares a picture of her cat, dozens rush to hit “like.” And when she puts up videos of herself playing keyboard, she gets marriage proposals. It’s the kind of response you don’t normally see with new artists, but it’s not surprising, either. Meg’s got a lot going for her.

If you’ve never heard Meg Myers before, brace yourself. Based on her looks, you might expect something gentle, something sweet. That’s not Meg Myers. Think darker, think stronger, think more emotionally charged. We don’t get much of that these days. It’s the fun-loving sounds of Katy Perry, the sexiness of Rihanna, the empowering Beyoncé, and the heartbreaking Adele. We need something different. We need Meg Myers.

To find out a little more about Meg before she blows up and gets all Hollywood, I emailed over a few questions about Cheerios, ’90s music, and her past as a Jehovah’s witness.

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Hi. Love what you’re doing. The music is cool, but I especially like your little online clips. I just saw the one of you listening to music when wheelchair Barbie rolled up. Good stuff. Do you make those yourself?
Hi. Thank you. Yes, as a matter of fact i do make them myself. Doctor Rosen Rosen makes the Barbie ones:o)

You’ve got one picture on Facebook of you with some Cheerios, but there’s no box, so every time I see that picture (2-3 times a day) I wonder what kind of Cheerios those are. I’ve taken several close looks to see if there’s a glaze or something that indicates honey nut. I don’t think there is, but it’s just impossible to be sure. What kind of Cheerios were those?
This is my favorite interview. I think those were just plain cheerios. no glaze. boo ya.

Would you say that is your favorite kind of Cheerios?
i really like eating plain cheerios with bananas or blueberries in them. oh, those Heart to Heart kashi oat cheerios are damn good and they have little hearts in them. i dont care much for the sweet stuff. lucky charms are good too.

Is Meg Myers your real name? Have you ever thought about using a stage name? What would your stage name be? Not to brag, but I have a lot of ideas about stuff like this.
My real name is Kngjkgnkfdnglsgnl but my family chose to call me Meghan/Meg growing up. So it feels weird to go by Kngikgnkfdnglsgnl. I thought about a stage name quite a bit, it’s just that everybody has one nowadays and it just seems cheesy. If I had one, it’d probably be something like Gem Rymes, or Egg Eyers… or EmandEm.

Maybe Gem Rymes, or Egg Eyers, or EmAndEm.
Whooaaa! No Waayy!

So, the music. So far I’ve only heard “Monster,” “Adelaide,” “Poison,” and “After You.” Do you have a lot more songs? Where can I get them?
Yes yes, more songs more songs. On their way! You can find them at

Monster by Meg Myers

And you were in a band “Feeling Numb” with your bro back when you were 14 or 15? Why’d you guys break up? Is your bro totally jealous of you now? He probably is.
I was in a band with my older brother when i was 14-17 years old. i decided to leave because i had been writing a lot of my own songs on guitar and piano and i really just wanted to do my own thing. something less grunge/rock and something more alternative pop/rock/bluesy. whatever that means. i had to follow my heart. i don’t think he’s ever been jealous. he’s really proud:)

Have you worked with any other artists yet? Do you have any plans to?
Since I met Doctor Rosen Rosen and started collaborating with him, I haven’t been interested in working with anyone else. Songwriting is something very private to me and I can’t be inspired or open up with just anyone. I also only work well when i dedicate 100% of myself to one thing.

But yes, I’m sure at some point later down the yellow brick road, i will work with others.

If a big time rapper wanted to work with you, but you hated his music, but he offered you a lot of money and maybe some jewels, would you do it?
Meh…. it all depends. How much do i hate his music and what kind of jewels.

I’ve read that you’re influenced by some ’90s music. What are your five favorite ’90’s bands?
baaaahhh. these kinds of questions are the worst for me. because after this gets published i’m going to hate myself for forgetting to put one of my favorites. Here’s what i’m going to do. i’m only going to name “bands” not solo artists. Just like you asked. Here’s my list.

1.Red Hot Chili Peppers
2.Alice in Chains
3.Smashing Pumpkins
4.Nine inch Nails
5.Radiohead (Goo Goo Dolls, STP, Depeche Mode, Foo Fighters, Tool, Soundgarden, Deftones, REM, Nirvana, Bush, Cranberries aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!)

What’s your favorite Nirvana song?
jesus……uhhh…………… “Something In The Way”

You should cover a Nirvana song.
I will

Who’s your favorite rapper?
LoneDanger. I also love Dr Dre and Andre 3000.

Who’s your favorite dead rapper, though?
Man, tough call. i really love Tupac & Biggie.

Who’s your favorite rock star?
this guy:

Are you grossed out by dead animals, fascinated by them, or is it just like, “whatever” to you?
I feel really sad, probably not grossed out. It depends how it died. i’m a huge animal lover. i’m the asshole that prefers animals over humans. i’d rather hit a human in my car than an animal. and i have. I’m fascinated by strange and gross things, it’s never just “whatever” to me. unless i’m really drunk.

Do you wear real fur?
Fuck no. I never would and even if I wanted to, my producers wife, Elizabeth Laime, would have me skinned.

Your video for “Monster” was awesome. Was that your first “official” music video? Where did the concept come from?
Thank you. Yea “Monster” was my first official music video. Doctor Rosen Rosen and myself wanted to do a very simple and intimate video. Along the lines of “Nothing Compares To You” by Sinead O’connor, “Out Getting Ribs” by Zoo Kid, and “Untitled” by D’Angelo. So we did. We had a lot of bigger more epic ideas thrown at us along the way but all that shit can get cheesy, especially when you don’t have a big budget. we stuck to our original plan and i’m happy we did.

Do you get compared to Fiona Apple a lot? You seem to have that strong voice, and an edge about you.
Yea, i do. Fiona Apple, Alanis, Sinead, any female with a strong voice i get compared to. Joan Osborne, Tracy Chapman and Heart were some of my big voice lady influences though.

I saw that you were a Jehovah’s Witness? And now you’re not?
This is true.

How did you decide to not be a JW anymore? Was it a big deal or just a choice you made?
I was a JW from the time i was born until i was about 13. My mum and older brother left the religion and so did i. it’s a pretty long story. maybe i’ll tell you the whole thing one day..

Will you be my Valentine?

Pigeons or Planes?

Thanks Meg.
Thank you Jacob.