You guys seemed keen on this weekly round-up of releases when we debuted it last week, so we’re back to point you in the direction of some notable releases. There’s a great representation of independent bands this week, with Nite Jewel’s synth-pop, Andrew Bird’s quirky indie stylings and the full on rock of The Men, not to mention a new album from our second favorite Boss. Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the albums featured in the comments section.

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Nite Jewel – One Second Of Love

One Second Of Love marks a change for Ramona Gonzales from the lo-fi electronic haze of her previous recordings, as she has decided to polish her sound and given us an album full of crisp beats, sparkling synths and warm, alluring vocals. This is 90’s era synth-pop brought to the modern day, and many of the songs are just as fit for mainstream radio play, as for an edgy party in Nite Jewel’s native LA.

One Second Of Love by Nite Jewel

Secretly Canadian: Nite Jewel – One Second Of Love

iTunes: Nite Jewel – One Second Of Love

 Andrew Bird – Break It Yourself

Andrew Bird has been putting out albums since 1996, and he’s remained extremely consistent. With jazz, classical, and folk as influences, he’s always had a mature togetherness about his presentation, but he’s firmly planted in the indie world, and in that world “mature togetherness” is unique. It’s been some years since he’s really blown us away, but we’re hoping this one matches the magic of The Mysterious Production Of Eggs.

Directly: Andrew Bird – Break It Yourself

iTunes: Andrew Bird –Break It Yourself 

The Men – Open Your Heart

The Men want you to know that ragged, fun, in your face rock and roll is not going anywhere at all. Open Your Heart is their most open and accessible record to date as they explore punk, country, psych and a whole host more guitar music, all the while powered along by jagged riffs, pounding drums and yelped vocals. Get familiar with these guys, as this is the album that is going to thrust The Men into the rock world’s consciousness.

Sacred Bones Records: The Men – Open Your Heart

iTunes: The Men – Open Your Heart

Xiu Xiu – Always

Xiu Xiu aren’t a band to hold back, and this record is certainly no holds barred. We’ve previously described theses guys as a “wonderfully and schizophrenically aggressive post-punk band” so if you want chill-out music this is not it. What it is though, is always inventive and passionate – just listen to album opener “Hi” below.

Polyvinyl Record Co: Xiu Xiu – Always

iTunes: Xiu Xiu – Always

Yellow Ostrich – Strange Land

Second albums can make or break, and in Yellow Ostrich‘s case, there definitely isn’t any breaking going on. Their somewhat charmingly frail sound from their debut has added some muscle, and Strange Land has them sounding their strongest yet.

Album Stream: Yellow Ostrich – Strange Land

iTunes: Yellow Ostrich – Strange Land

Fort Romeau – Kingdoms

Fort Romeau is better known as the keyboardist for La Roux, but under this alias, he’s making luscious, crackling house music. The album is warm and all encompassing and is an ideal soundtrack for generally being blissful. Check out the album preview for an aural massage.

iTunes: Fort Romeau – Kingdoms

Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball

The Boss is back with his 17th studio album, and it’s a return to his anthemic, widescreen rock and roll roots. Wrecking Ball is a perfect election year album – overtly political, and often bemoaning the economic disparity rife in America – but regardless of the themes, the album retains that classic Springsteen sound that will see him sell out more stadiums and dominate more airwaves.

It could also be a good time to check out this if you missed it first time around:

Mixtape Premiere: Jonathan Lee – “Boss vs Boss (Rick Ross vs Bruce Springsteen)”

iTunes: Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball