When this song landed in my inbox, it was just a preview. After one listen I knew I needed it in my iTunes, and I knew you did too. Right the Stars‘ “Stay (Don’t Go Away)” is indie pop, but it’s the kind of smart indie pop that might remind you a little of Phoenix—easy to digest, but still not an invasive hook-monster that seeks to take over your your brain until you hate it. Jam of the day. Here’s a little about Right the Stars.

The band, a collaborative project with Rich Jacques as the centerpiece, brings together some of Los Angeles’ most talented musicians to create an unabashedly feel-good indie-pop record.”I wanted to stretch beyond the limitations of just a guy with an acoustic guitar” says Jacques.

And step beyond the acoustic guitar he did, with his understanding and appreciation of the talent within Los Angeles, Right The Stars not only became the opportunity for new musical endeavors, but developed into a collective community within Jacques own backyard. “It’s amazing to be in such a creatively vibrant place.” Jacques says “I’m constantly inspired by all the artists I get to work with.”

“Stay Don’t Go” is from Hello Yes OK, which is out now. Get it here.

Right the Stars – “Stay Don’t Go”