If you’ve recently ended a relationship, get some tissues ready, because the combination of Keaton Henson‘s painfully direct lyrics and this desolate tale of loss is genuinely heartbreaking. The animal puppets and cheery woodland scenes at the beginning of the video belie the bleak desolation that is soon to come, and while it’s odd to think that puppets could cause you to shed a tear, in this video they certainly can.

If you heard “You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are“, you will remember that Keaton’s songs, with their simple yet moving lyrics, tug firmly at the heart strings, and this unusual video begs the age-old question: is love worth the pain of loss? In what initially appears to be a ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’-esque child-friendly short film, we are exposed to the cruel realities of life that Keaton deals with through his music, but in the simple setting of the forest.

“Small Hands” is taken from Keaton’s debut album Dear… which you may not be surprised to hear was written after an especially difficult break-up, recorded in his bedroom, and never intended to be heard by anyone.  It was eventually self-released in a limited run last year, but happily for everyone who missed out, is being re-released worldwide on April 2nd following a flurry of interest in the enigmatic songwriter, illustrator and poet. You can pre-order the album here, follow the man on (a fan-run but very informative) Facebook here and get involved oh his own suitably quirky website here.

Keaton Henson is a fantastically talented and interesting individual whose songs of love and loss are set to reach far beyond the confines of the bedroom in which he recorded them – his is the kind of music that people everywhere can connect with, so enjoy our premiere of  the video for “Small Hands” below!