This year’s Coachella did a lot of things well. One of them was the digitization of the footage. Coachella built on last year’s streaming abilities and made a huge portion of the festival available online for the less fortunate of you, who couldn’t make it out to Indio, California ourselves. It also means that there’s a lotttt of Coachella-related stuff to dive into in the week between the two bookending weekends. We decided to make it easy for you and pick out the five best performances Coachella had to offer last weekend.

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Production virtuoso and masked enigma SBTRKT has a reputation of putting on a hell of a show. However, at Coachella, he faced the well-established issue of translating his live show to a huge, festival crowd. His set unequivocally proved that he was up to the challenge.

 4. Jeff Mangum

Ex-lead singer of ex-band Neutral Milk Hotel, Mangum is something of an indie rock god. His tour this year has been billed as unexpected and intimate, which are two things Coachella (and other big festivals with big crowds) isn’t known for. He flipped that notion on its head for this show, turning off the giant screens that would have projected his face to the crowd, forcing everyone to crowd to the front and fostering the giant singalong his set was born to be.

3. Bon Iver

Justin Vernon has made a lot of great strides in his career as the backbone of Bon Iver up to this point, and the train has not stopped just yet. His set at Coachella cemented his role in music right now as one of its most promising stars, built from artistry alone. This set was there to show that he can fill stadiums with both the fans and the sound.

2. Radiohead

If it looks like this list is veteran-heavy, that’s not by accident. Radiohead’s concert showed that experience is ultimately the best thing a band can bring to a set, and they put their full weight behind this one.

1. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg

A holographic Tupac, Eminem, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa. And those were just the guests. Dre and Snoop reunited and did not let up for a whole show. It was literally impossible not to have fun watching this.