It’s a long weekend, so fill yer boots with a double dose of some of some great dance music. On the first slide we have an exclusive mix and interview from Ooko and on the second slide we’ve got the  usual round-up of our favourite tracks from the past week, with a mix of underground/experimental production and a healthy dose of more party-orientated bangers.

We asked Ooko to do a mix for us after hearing his dark, jittery and excellent Sex Sells EP, which we highlighted a couple of weeks ago in DMP. 24. He duly obliged, so take a listen to his short but sweet mix and read a few words from the talented producer below. The Sex Sells EP is released June 25th on vinyl and July 9th digitally on Mimm Recordings.


Deft – Tunnel Vision
Chasing Kurt – Money
Thefft – Distronet
Ooko – Sex Sells
Mosca – Tilt Shift (Julio Bashmore remix)
Larse – Karoo
Ooko – Lowlife

Hello Ooko, can you tell us a bit about who you are and how long you’ve been producing?  

Yeah I now live back in my home island of Guernsey after a long spell of travelling and living in Bristol. Ive been producing for about 4 years now, previously making Dubstep under the alias of Instinct which ive now knocked on the head.

You have an EP dropping June 25th on vinyl/July 9th digitally on Mimm Recordings, what can you tell us about that release?

The release is a good representation of sounds that im into at the moment, “Downtown” is full of chopped Amen breaks, triplets and distorted 808 drums. “Sex Sells” was a House experiment at 115bpm that seemed to just pay off. The whole idea of using porn samples as drums and vocals in the track was an idea I wanted to use for ages. The My Nu Leng lads smashed it on the remix also!

Do you feel part of a movement or scene in Bristol (and beyond) that has been moving from dubstep towards a slower, house leaning sound?

No to be honest. My music is total a selfish act. Everything I make is to please my own ears. Although my time I spent living in Bristol opened my eyes to so many different aspects of electronic music. Its a wicked city!

What and who are your musical inspirations, and what are you listening to at the moment?

This is all ways tuff to answer. Im always inspired by producers making a living from there music staying true to there sound and not selling out. I listen to a lot of different music but I listen to a lot of Hip hop produced by Clams Casino at the moment.

Finally, can you tell us a bit about the mix?

With the mix I wanted to keep it half an hour of dope music. Bits I listen to personally, DJ and a teaser at the end of what sort of vibe you can expect from my album I’m currently working on.

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This new tune from Jacques Greene (pictured), one of our favourite R&B sample loving producers, appeared on a recent mix by Martyn, on who’s record label it is being released. The track is as sparkling as we’ve come to expect from Greene, but packs a bit more of a punch than some of his other releases – definitely a good look in my book.

Brooklyn production duo Teengirl Fantasy are releasing a 12″ on the always on point R&S  Records in June, and you can listen to the A-side, a slice of dank, swampy house music below.

The Jefrees again. This Mad Decent sub-label could have made us pay for pretty much any of their releases so far, and no one would have batted an eyelid, such is the quality of the music they are making available for free download. This week we’ve got a tribal extravaganza with two bubbling, boiling, bangers from Phat Deuce.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs album Trouble is out 12th June, and he’s released another cut from the album for us to groove to. And groove we will, as “Stronger” has a funky feel with a silky, smooth 80’s vibe and a cheeky bit of cowbell thrown in for good measure.

Remixes on remixes on remixes. Ryan Hemsworth (he of the awesome mix for LFTF) has blended Nicolas Jaar’s remix of Shlohmo’s “Rained The Whole Time” with R. Kelly’s “Number One” with ridiculously smooth and sexy results. Slow jam to this one, and don’t miss the free download from the Soundcloud player below.

We Work Night is apparently the work of two well known producers, but I’m to busy making gun funger signs and shouting “bumberclaaaaat” whilst listening to this song incredibly loudly to care too much about they are.

Major Lazer’s “Original Don” has had some great remixes (Flosstradmus’ being one of the best) but this could be the rawest, hardest yet. Crank this one up and watch things get messy.

Avicii exploded into the popular conscious with the inescapable “Levels,” and if his new one “Silhouettes” is anything to go by the man has hooks to spare. Another gloriously upbeat vocal (this time original rather than sampled) and a glorious breakdown ensure that the Swedish producer will have another hit on his hands.

Aaaannnd relax. Onra is a Paris dwelling producer who takes influences from all sorts of music, but for this one he keeps things fairly recognisable, with the instrumental sounding like it should be played in a 70’s film clip of Miami. Sit back in the sun, put your feet up and have a great weekend.