Amidst all the drama of this week, plagued with fuckery-filled headlines and a never-ending stream of controversy, there has been plenty of good music to turn up in the headphones and assist you with forgetting about it all. Cheers to focusing on the music. Here are 10 free songs to help you tune out.

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Poolside -“Slow Down”

Ah, summer lethargy. There have been plenty of synthed-up summer anthems, but none that have so perfectly captured the other side of summer—the side that makes you want to lay back and move slowly.

Joey Bada$$ ft. CJ Fly – “Hardknock”

How many new rappers sound like this kid Joey Bada$$? Instead of trying to invent yet another new style, Joey puts his talents on display over a sound that’ll bring you back. Over production from DOOM, Dilla, and this Lewis Parker gem, Joey has filled a lane that a lot of people will always have a soft spot for. If you like what you hear, grab Joey’s 1999 mixtape.

Fang Island – “Sisterly”

Fang Island are gearing up for the release of their forthcoming album, Major, and if “Sisterly” is any indication of how it’s going to sound, July 24th should be a day to look forward to.

Champion’s Exclusive Mix For P&P

40 minutes of music from Champion to P&P, and from P&P to you. Read the interview we had with him as well.

Pac Div – “Automatic” (Prod Swiff D)

Pac Div’s latest will have you resisting your urge to clap along, as the production by Swiff D on “Automatic” is as just as addictive as it is tough.

e-dubble – “Honors Bio”

e-dubble’s latest track is as honest and open as ever, but he starts things off a little differently on this one, employing a melodic flow before snapping into a big chorus.

Erika Spring – “Hidden”

Another light, airy song for the season, this time from Erika Spring. “Hidden” highlights Erika’s gentle, warm vocals.

Onra – “Somewhere (Deep In The Night)”

Onra’s recently moved over to Fool’s Gold and his latest EP, Deep in the Night, and he reveals yet another side to his music: a funky, worldly sound.

The Melker Project – “Message In A Bottle (The Police vs. Kanye West)”

If we’ve learned anything after hearing that Carly Rae Jepsen and Third Eye Blind experiment, it’s that anything is possible. So here’s one more seemingly impossible mash-up: The Police vs. Kanye West.

Trails and Ways – “Nunca”

This is what happens when an indie band is inspired by  “a hot June day spent walking through Sao Paulo listening to Drake and Jorge Ben.” If that is the case, maybe more indie bands should try this out.