Love it or hate it, you have to admit that dubstep has a powerful effect on people. Even sober people are forced into a molly-like spirit once that wobbling bass reaches a certain volume. Babies’ reactions are even more ridiculous, because babies just don’t get the world yet, and when you don’t yet understand the world, dubstep is a strange and confusing thing to be introduced to.

Here’s what happens when babies listen to dubstep…

For this little girl, there is nothing in the world more satisfying than cranking the dubstep and crushing a bowl of chili. At the same damn time.

I don’t want to be a buzzkill during this father-son bonding time, but your baby is bugging out, man. You only gave him a half right? You sure? Because he looks like he’s had way too much.

The product of the unbridled energy of a child, the fanaticism inducing effect of dubstep, and pure freedom. On this day, in that home somewhere in suburban America, battles were won.

It may look like this baby is dancing, but I’m pretty sure he just shit his pants. Dubstep, dancing, pant shitting—ah, the life of a baby.

This is how you exploit your overweight child. Or how you teach your child to overcompensate with misdirected confidence. Depends how you look at it. Either way, don’t worry about your kid’s feelings and embarrassment-riddled future. If you put them in underpants and force them to dance and make funny faces, you might go viral.

This video is weird because it’s obviously edited and that gives this whole baby/dubstep thing a creepy twist. Even more creepy is this screenshot. If you pause the video at exactly the right point (it’s at 0:31), the “cute” dancing dubstep baby looks like a fucking demon villain.