Flushing, Queens chef-turned-rapper Action Bronson is having a big year. Between releasing one of the most stellar rap projects of 2012 with producer Party Supplies, Blue Chips, and making numerous features on songs with everyone from Odd Future to RiFF RaFF, plus consistently tearing down stages across North America and overseas in Europe, he planted himself firmly on the rap map. Through his steady grind he landed his first record deal with Vice Records. It’s been a quick ascent, but it looks as though Action is already set to jump to the next plateau of hip-hop stardom, especially now that he’s got label-backing and is being managed by Paul Rosenberg, who also handles business for another prolific white rapper you may have heard of, Eminem.

To celebrate Bronson’s pending projects with The Alchemist (Rare Chandeliers), Harry Fraud (Saab Stories), and Party Supplies (Blue Chips 2), and look back at all the work he put in this year to get where he’s at now, we put together a list of The 20 Best Action Bronson Verses Of 2012 (So Far). They all pack a punch, and as expected, there’s a plethora of food, weed, and hooker references. Enjoy the Queens-to-table smorgasbord, and as always, our compliments to the chef.

By Daniel Isenberg

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20. “It’s Me”

Album: Blue Chips 2
Producer: Party Supplies

Hey Bronson, thanks for throwing a wrench in our list! We had our ranking all set, and then you went and dropped this shit the other day? The fuck, bro? But hey, we dig it, though we admit, its greatness hasn’t set in yet. Still, Action “rhyming over African jazz” with lines like, “Cop whatever, put it on the Mastercard/Come home so I could fuck you really fast and hard” is worthy of inclusion. We had to sneak it on.

19. “Contemporary Man” (Fourth Verse)

Album: N/A
Producer: Party Supplies

Bronson recently tweeted a link to this track, which was released at the top of the year, writing, “U WANT TO LEARN ABOUT ME LISTEN TO THIS SONG.” It’s hard to pinpoint the best verse on here, as it is really made up of a bunch of short stanzas pieced together along with the various awesome 80’s samples that Party Supplies links up. But one stands out, and shows that Bronson truly is, as he says in the beginning of the song, “a white man excelling in a black sport.”

Over a loop of Phil Collins’ “Another Day In Paradise,” Bronson raps, “Ginger Ale laying in a Knicks cup, pay thirty dollars for a dick suck/Pay a hundred dollars for the joints I roll, Oyster bowls, chillin’ in The Cloisters/I love black girls boisterous, Shorty’s on the arm like a koi fish/On a herbie white dude with the yellow fever, yellow sneakers, see-through yellow beeper.” Nice.

18. “Decisions Over Veal Orloff”

Album: Russian Roulette
Producer: The Alchemist

We’re still patiently waiting on Rare Chandeliers. We’ve seen Bronson perform the new song “The Symbol” live a bunch of times, and it was rumored to be dropping this month, but maybe his recent deal signing changed the trajectory. Regardless, we got an appetizer of sorts with this minute-and-a-half ditty that was featured on Al’s latest album.

The song is basically just one verse over a hot horn sample, And Bam Bam drops dope similes like, “My mind’s sharp like a shape-up from Dominicans,” and, “Peel off just like the skin of the pepper.” We’re ready for the main course though now, fellas.

17. “1000 Lbs” w/ Labba and Ike Eyes

Album: Blunts Bongs Bitches
Producer: PF Cuttin

Bronson makes a solid guest appearance on “1000 Lbs,” stealing the show rather easily from two relatively unknown rappers as the second spitter in the lineup. In the video, he’s hoodied down with a spliff hanging off his bottom lip holding a baseball bat as he raps about eating veal neck stew and stuffing drugs in girls’ butts. In other words, it’s vintage Bronsolino.

16. “Hot Shots Part Deux” f/ RiFF RaFF and Dana Coppafeel

Album: “Hot Shots Part Deux” (Single)
Producer: WhiteRussian

This is one of two collabos with Bronson’s homie RiFF RaFF that you will find on this list, and they join Milwaukee rapper Dana Coppafeel here for what actually turned out to be a pretty sick song. Of course, Bronson’s on his food shit early, rapping about “grapes, crackers, [and] gorgeous cheese,” and also sneaks in a great quote, “‘You got a nice white dick,’ that’s what the sisters say.”

15. “Blackbird” (Second Verse)

Album: Closed Sessions Vol. 2
Producer: Thelonius Martin

As Bronson says to set this off, “You either got it or you don’t.” And on this collabo with Chicago’s Ruby Hornet website, named after one of The Windy City’s finest restaurants, Bam Bam Bronsolino’s definitely got it. Though he stumbles a bit at the start, Action comes back in for a strong second verse with some throwback Chi-Town sports references, like, “I’m a young Mike Singletary/Style’s shitty like a dingleberry,” and, “Push the Bent like I’m Richard Dent.” He also name drops former Bears lineman Steve McMichael and Bulls sharpshooter John Paxson.

Peep the adlibs after the verse for an added chuckle, as he calls himself “a fat fuck” and “a bit overweight” after apologizing for running out of breath.

14. “Hookers” f/ Metabeats (Second Verse)

Album: Caviar Crackle
Producer: Metabeats

This beat drops hard when song starts, but Bronson is especially vicious coming out of the chorus on the second verse, spitting, “I’m writing rhymes on the contract, bitches catchin’ contact/Cuz they don’t touch the blunt, I smoke it to the neck.” You don’t share your trees with the ladies, Bam Bam? What gives?

He hogs the beat too, bombarding it with random foodie couplets about chicken cutlets and cold duck over noodles, and finishes strong by warning, “Fuck around I’ma shoot you in your tiny dick.” Ouch.

13. “Thug Love Story 2012” (first verse)

Album: Blue Chips
Producer: Party Supplies

Action Bronson shows off his storytelling abilities on the opening verse of this epic tale of thug love. Party Supplies flips the doo-wop, street corner background vocals from The Complexions’ version of “I Only Have Eyes For You,” which you may remember from A Bronx Tale, and Bronsolino gives his detailed description of a prostitute he’s particularly fond of.

He describes her vividly, highlighting her positive traits, such as, “She had the sweetest scent I ever smelled a woman have/Skin would glisten like reflections off the blueish Jag.” Also, her negatives, like, “Crusty feet, like she hiking for days and live in the mountains,” and how she’s “randomly pussy farting.” She sounds like a hot mess, but Bronson’s got love for her.

12. “BBQ Brisket” f/ Meyhem Lauren and AG Da Coroner

Album: Respect The Fly Shit
Producer: Harry Fraud

“Georgia Tech sweatsuit in a red coupe/You know we get loot/And beat the pussy like a dead moose.” Nuff said.

11. “Strictly Business Part 1 & 2” (First Verse)

Album: N/A
Producer: Statik Selektah

Holy shit. Props to Statik Selektah for flipping Boyz II Men’s “Motownphilly” for Bam Bam to blam on. We’ll highlight the first verse, as he brings it back to the early 90’s with his opening, “Cut class, overalls one strap/Skin fade, face like a baby’s ass.” He also reminisces on how he used to “do Jamaican dances with some Jewish bitches,” before ending with the Hebrew prayer snippet, “Barukh atah Eoheinu.”

We also like how he says “go fuck yourself” before he starts his verse off. Catchy.

10. “Hookers at the Point” (Second Verse)

Album: Blue Chips
Producer: Party Supplies

Bronson takes on the persona of a Hunts Point pimp named Silk on the second verse of this Blue Chips cut, and he nails it, from the voice to the accent to the slang. The song in general is a very creative take on the Hunts Point prostitution scene documented by HBO, and this verse in particular takes the cake as the most fun of all the stories, as Silk raps, “Best believe they bringing daddy money/How you think I copped the Caddy dummy?/Trying to get this Puff Daddy money.” Kiss the pinky ring, bitch.

9. “Elimination Chamber” f/ Domo Genesis, Earl Sweatshirt, and Vincent Staples

Album: No Idols
Producer: The Alchemist

Action’s the clean-up batter on this spooky Odd Future posse cut orchestrated by The Alchemist. It would be unfair to say that he had the best verse on this song, as everyone has quotables, but his is particularly acrobatic, as he raps, “Dancing drunk in dress pants like I’m a hunk/Backflip in the jacuzzi forty floors inside the Trump/Front flip into this high-yellow Chinese bitch’s rump/Then she makes me chicken broccoli for lunch.”

Also entertaining is his self-description of getting head in the bathroom while wearing flip-flops and swimming trunks. Sounds like fun.

8. “A Simple Man” (Second Verse)

Album: N/A
Producer: Tommy Mas

“Catch me in Paris, paper thin leather on a pleasant day,” is the best way to describe Bronsolino’s vibe on this verse, and the horn-laced Tommy Mas sample that lies beneath it (Mas produced all of Bronson’s Dr. Lecter album). He drops other overseas references, as he raps about smoking Dunhill’s with his legs crossed, and rolling joints the size of columns seen on the buildings during his travels to Brussels and Holland.

He also talks about his life back home, where he will “serve a feen a continental breakfast out the building off the steps,” and also how he’s “known to chief that green, Robert Parish/Shifting new coupes lavished colored stewed cabbage.” Bravo.

7. “M.A.R.S.” f/ Cormega, Roc Marciano, and Saigon

Album: Professor @ Large
Producer: Large Professor

When all is said and done, “M.A.R.S.” will go down as one of the toughest posse cuts of the year. Masterminded by Cormega, and produced by Large Professor, Action is the A in the acronym, and his verse holds weight with everyone else in the cipher, spitting bars like, “Grown man rap, grown man pockets/Never catch a statutory, eating cacciatore/You’re like a scungill’, peel when you see steel/Me I squeeze it ‘til it’s empty then I refill.” Bong.

6. “Pouches Of Tuna” f/ Roc Marciano

Album: Blue Chips
Producer: Party Supplies

“Pouches Of Tuna” is the first song on Blue Chips, and Bronson jumped right in and went for his. He actually fucked up on the first take, but kept it on the recording for good measure, before nailing it the second time. Plenty of quotables here, from his description of being “laid in the Galapagos eating tacos higher than an opera note,” to his lyrics being like “avant garde to the critics.” And as for Roc Marc’s appearance, well, we’d love to hear a whole project from these two. Whattaya say?

5. “Northern & Roozy” (First Verse)

Album: “Northern & Roozy”/“Change”
Producer: The Purist

Bronson takes us back to his younger days growing up in Queens on this banger made by UK producer The Purist. Over a sweet strings loop, Bronsolino reminisces on the good old summer days he spent shooting hoops in the park, playing spades, getting drunk and high, spraying the fire hydrant in the street, and sharing lo mein with his young love. He also name drops Olaf’s basketball shorts, which anyone who came up balling in New York knows is an amazing reference to make in a rap verse.

4. “Bird On A Wife” f/ RiFF RaFF

Album: N/A
Producer: Harry Fraud

Over a hazy Harry Fraud beat, Bronson and RiFF RaFF connect on what has become one of his most popular appearances of the year. It’s not the typical boom bap rhythm that Bam Bam usually chooses to rhyme on, but he finds his flow, and drops gems about waking up and doing Karate in the water, and also asks the rhetorical question of the year, singing out, “Why my drug jar look so empty?” We’re pretty sure he knows the answer to that.

3. “Double Breasted” (First Verse)

Album: Blue Chips
Producer: Party Supplies

“You little sissies had a chance, now it’s time to give a man burn.” On this standout Blue Chips cut, Bronson pokes out his chest a bit and flexes his skills, rapping, “Architecture art deco/Twist the pussy like a soft pretzel.” He’s such a special guy, isn’t he? I mean, who else would rap about getting “twin dick sucks” with his toddler-aged son? You’re bananas, Bronson.

2. “Midget Cough” (First Verse)

Album: Represent The Stripes (Mixtape)
Producer: Party Supplies

This laidback Party Supplies-produced loosie found its way onto Mick Boogie and HYPETRAK’s Represent The Stripes mixtape this summer, and a raspy-voiced Bronson sits back on the beat and spits some breezy bars about smoking THC (weed) on the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), and using “three different types of forks for a Monday lunch.” Also notable is the pairing of two random 80’s references with two random food references, as he rhymes “Def Leppard” with “fresh pepper,” and “Jim Abbott” with “thin rabbit.”

But of course, the highlight of all highlights comes at the end of the verse, which is where the title of the song is from, as he raps, “Shoot eagles on the Jack Nicklaus course/Porsche with the triple exhaust/Seat’s soft like a midget’s cough.” Don’t even step within six feet of his presence, please.

1. “Steve Wynn” (First Verse)

Album: Blue Chips
Producer: Party Supplies

“Twist the joints like a contortionist” is such a clever way for a renowned pothead to start a rhyme. Bronson finds the perfect pocket right off the bat, and keeps the ill similes coming throughout, like, “I’m known to keep a fresh foot like podiatry,” and, “Guns drawn like my bath by my lady friend.” Yup, he definitely “spits that shit to get a cripple out the wheelchair.”

Bronson has cooked up plenty terrific verses this year, and because he’s such a consistent MC, it’s not so easy to give one the crown as the best of the year. And we say (so far), because we’re almost certain that his illest rhyme has yet to be heard. Bronsolino’s like a fine wine, he gets better with age.

But as things stand now, we feel good about letting this “Steve Wynn” first verse hold the belt for the time being. The fat flow, combined with Action’s clever lyrics and overdose of Queens charisma is just too much. We’re stuffed.