Lil B may have put out over 36 albums and mixtapes–including one that housed 848 songs–but without question the biggest gift he’s given his fans is his Twitter feed. Chock full of inspiration and encouragement, prolific ideas and intellectually stimulating thoughts, The Based God changes lives daily in a mere 140 characters or less. Therefore, in an effort to pay it forward, I wanted to spread the wisdom of Lil B to all my loved ones in hopes they may grow as spiritually as I have since I began following him.

Of course, I started with my mom. So, after ingesting these nuggets of knowledge, is my mom now Based? Click through to read her reactions to 15 of Lil B’s most ridiculous tweets and decide for yourself #thankyouBasedGod

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My mom’s reaction: “What is Based God? What does Based mean? Is this a new thing people are doing, ‘getting Based?’ I do appreciate that he doesn’t litter though. That’s a nice change.”

My mom’s reaction: “Apparently you are someone who stares at crabs, Lil B.”

My mom’s reaction: “I do like this tweet because I’ve definitely never taken them for granted- I mean Kate, can you imagine a world without buttcheeks? Horrible, just horrible.”

My mom’s reaction: “I think Nelly is a person so I fully understand where B is coming from”

(Note: Nelly is our family’s dog. My mom also felt so connected to Lil B in this tweet that she shortened his name to B. The man has powers I tell you.)

My mom’s reaction: “Squirrels? I hate squirrels. Why would you bother to sit around and watch them? I bet they are territorial and violent because some weirdo is standing there watching them.”

My mom’s reaction: “Oh I love this one. I’ve never heard this one but as a active gardener, this is helpful.”

My mom’s reaction: “Caesars pizza is crap pizza. I would feel hard on myself mostly because I chose Caesars to begin with. He should talk to someone about some cross-promotion: Lil B for Little Caesars. Write that one down.”

My mom’s reaction:  “When I first read this, I immediately needed to know what kind of hat he was wearing. I bet it was the hat, cats don’t do well with hats.”

My mom’s reaction: “Your father could really relate to this tweet. There’s this spider family in our garage he can’t get ride of and it’s turned into his own Man vs. Spider. Also I wanted to ask you, does Lil B watch a lot of National Geographic? If not, he should definitely check out some of their new animal shows.”

My mom’s reaction: “Should NOT have given her that corn! Corn doesn’t agree with cats systems I imagine. Maybe that’s why she clawed his face, remember that earlier tweet? Aside from the corn, he seems like he really loves Keke- it’s nice he adopted a tabby because these days it seems everyone wants one of those Kim Kardashian cats”

My mom’s reaction: “ANTS ARE THE WORST. Sorry I yelled a little there, but ants are the WORST. Honestly, I think the same thing when I see a lot of ants Lil B.”

My mom’s reaction: “He really needs to watch National Geographic, I swear. So many questions he has would be cleared up.”

My mom’s reaction: “Lil B, I can’t figure that out for the life of me either. Where does the paper go? How does it get to the person on the other end? I’ve always wondered that too, I’m glad someone else voiced this.”

My mom’s reaction: “What does RT mean? I RT this, I like soft pancakes.”

My mom’s reaction: “That sounds exactly like something your brother went through too.”