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    When we think of diss records, our minds immediately jump to hip-hop, a world often predicated on competition, one-upmanship, and clever lyrical jabs. We could spend hours listing favorites, debating the best and the most scathing--Jay-Z's "The Takeover," Nas' "Ether," 2Pac's "Hit Em Up," Common's "The Bitch In Yoo," KRS-One's "The Bridge Is Over," to name but a paltry, famous few.

    Today, however, our attention turns away from rap to other genres that don't typically get attention for their use of diss songs (or, as is the case with several songs in this list, "response" songs inspired by a particular happening or person that don't necessarily attack anything or anyone directly). Rock, soul, pop, and even drum n' bass can, of course, prove just as witty, cutting, and vicious as any rap diss, often introducing a level of cleverness and obscurity uncommon to style of song usually best served by directness.

    Buckle up and enjoy some of the finest examples of non-rap diss songs done right.