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    Alanis Morissette - "You Oughta Know"

    Disses: Dave Coulier (Full House actor)

    In the pantheon of scornful songs about exes, "You Oughta Know" reigns supreme, an absolutely blistering four minutes that introduced Alanis Morissette to the wider world as the voice of jilted, empowered women in the 1990s. Unflinching, unabashedly sexual, and anything but kind, "You Oughta Know" sunk its teeth into a former lover with anthemic abandon.

    A litany of celebrities and semi-stars have been rumored to be the object of Morissette's rage: comedian Bob Saget, pro hockey player Mike Peluso, actor Matt Leblanc, and musician/producer Leslie Howe (who produced Morissette's first two albums). The man in question? Full House's Dave Coulier, a seemingly unlikely target, considering no one is writing diss songs about other Full House stars (off the hook, there, Saget!).

    Though Morissette has enjoyed a lengthy career, "You Oughta Know" remains the incisive, unforgettable cornerstone of her catalog.