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    Morrissey - "Margaret on the Guillotine"

    Disses: Margaret Thatcher

    Morrissey begins the lilting, melancholy "Margaret on the Guillotine" with some harsh words for British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher: "The kind people/Have a wonderful dream/Margaret on the Guillotine."As if the message wasn't already clear enough, the famously outspoken former Smith's frontman repeats the charming refrain "When will you die?" six times to close out the song's first verse.

    "Margaret on the Guillotine" (the closing track from Morrissey's appropriately titled Viva Hate) is a diss far darker and more globally-minded than many other's in rock's canon, calling for the queen's head as it starts and ending abruptly with what sounds like the slamming shut of a prison door or, for the more morbidly inclined, the thwack of the guillotine.