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    Queen - "Death on Two Legs"

    Disses: Norman Sheffield (Queen's ex-manager)

    Hell might have no fury like a woman scorned, but the ire of a rock singer in peak form can come pretty close. After years of alleged mistreatment at the hands of former manager Norman Sheffield, Queen sharped their knives and aimed them squarely at Sheffield, never referencing him by name, but leaving little room for interpretation as to the band's feelings: "You suck my blood like a leech/You break the law and you preach/Screw my brain till it hurts/You've taken all my money--and you want more."

    Upon the song's release, an indignant Sheffield attempted to sue Queen for defamation, reportedly settling out of court with EMI (the owners of the publishing rights) before the album's release.

    Though Queen never apologized, lead singer Freddie Mercury did note in a 1977 interview with Circus Magazine, "It's so vindictive that Brian [May] felt bad singing it. I don't like to explain what I was thinking when I wrote a song. I think that's awful, just awful."