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    The Sex Pistols - "New York"

    Disses: New York Dolls

    The Sex Pistols' scathing "New York" wastes very little time in assaulting its target, the New York Dolls:

    "An imitation from New York You're made in Japan from cheese and chalk You're hippy tarts hero Cos you put on a bad show Oh don't it show"

    As punk's primary rabble rousers and a band that perceived themselves originators of the sound and attitude, the Pistols looked at the Dolls as, well, "just a pile of shit." Unlike some of the songs on this list, "New York" lobs a viciously unsubtle and often vulgar series of barbs and insults the Dolls, impeaching the band's sound, style, tour locations, and even their drugs of choice. In typical Pistols fashion, "New York" pulls no punches.